Business Cloud Tech Tech, Business Updates and News Sat, 23 Dec 2017 13:23:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why Should Everyone Study Search Engine Optimization? Sat, 23 Dec 2017 11:09:35 +0000 Search engine optimization or like it is commonly termed as SEO is just a practice due to which the number of traffic and also the quality of the traffic that visits your website can be increased. So if you want your website to reach a greater number of people via the search engine results, then you should study search engine optimization.

What Are The Things That Go Into SEO?

If you want to know what makes up for the search engine optimization, then you should take a look at the few points which determines it –

  • Quality of the traffic– you would always want your site to reach the people who could be genuinely interested in it and not the ones who are searching for something else. Your products should attract the people who might be interested in them.
  • Amount of the traffic – the more the number of traffic the better it is as you would want the search engine results to pop up your website whenever they want for something related to the product you offer.
  • Give ads so that organic traffic can be generated.

So one must study search engine optimization to improve the condition of their internet presence.

How To Study SEO?

At this point, it’s not possible for you as an entrepreneur to attend classes and study search engine optimization. Leaving your company to attend classes is not possible if you are the backbone of your firm. So a great way to learn about is to study it via the various courses available online. Investing a couple of hours per day is enough to master about SEO, and this will greatly benefit your company and the website. You will soon become a master of SEO and benefit the company.

Topics To Be Covered

To learn the A-z about search engine optimization, one must know about the things they are going to encounter. The online books will have SEO strategy development section, basics of researching with keywords. You will also gain knowledge about how to build links and about off page SEO. You will be able to audit your site and recreate it to reach a greater audience. This will not only increase the sales of your company but will also make you a successful businessman. You can also learn the fundamentals of on-page search engine optimization. It will help you as a marketer to learn about the different departments of SEO; once you learn you will be able to contribute to them and help your company to reach all the targets and goals.

Thus you see how important it is to study search engine optimization to contribute to the growth and development of your firm by attracting more viewers to your website. Both the external as well as the internal aspects can be improved to increase the number of traffic coming to your site ultimately. Learn the effective strategies and get the best benefit out of it.

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SEO Truths You Need To Know Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:26:19 +0000 We’ve told you about the most common SEO myths, but now it’s time to discuss the truths. It’s a fact- SEO is necessary.

Prominent thought leaders in the industry have differing opinions on which parts of SEO you need to know and what businesses simply can’t afford to ignore. Here are a few of the truths we found.

Truth: It’s All Connected

A Search Engine Land article by Trond Lyngbø talks about the 7 SEO truths every business leader must understand. The boundaries between SEO, content media marketing, social media marketing and more are disappearing, says Lyngbø. What you do offline and online is no longer disconnected. For example, offline you could be calling customers to come to your restaurant while online you could be tweeting out about the latest dinner special, even at the same time. Offline Dinosaur

“What people say about you offline can influence your visibility online, and what people learn about you online impacts offline sales. Your offline and online presence need to be unified to create a consistent brand experience for your customers,” says Lyngbø.

Another great opinion comes from a Keep Marketing Fun post by CT Moore. You need to be smart with tactics to help your business not only online but off.

“SEO is both a science and an art, and that means that there’s a technical side to it. Simply put, all the great marketing and content in the world isn’t going to help you outrank the competition if your site isn’t up to par,” Moore explains.

Truth: It’s Not All About the Rankings

It’s great for your business to rank high in the search engine results, but it’s not everything. Yes search engines are important, especially in the buying cycle. If you lose your search engine rank, it could make a real dent in your finances, according to Lyngbø.

But having your website ranked by Google is a privilege and not a right. Don’t expect special treatment from Google just because you spend a lot of money or your business is important or successful.

As we learned, it’s a myth that if you buy ads you’ll rank higher on Google. Cutts strongly disputes this and the opposite theory that not buying ads makes you rank higher. Think about impressing the users searching for your business, not Google.

Don’t just trick Google into giving your pages high rankings. It’s better to think about how to actually change and improve your content and think about how your sites can reach Google goals, says Jennifer Slegg in a Search Engine Watch article. Give searchers what they want, not Google.

Truth: SEO Is Never-Ending

You can’t just fix one thing on your website and expect SEO to work its magic. It’s not something you employ for your business short-term. Moore agrees. It takes time to earn organic rankings, and you’re not likely to see progress for three to six months or even a year before you get that “return on your investment.”

“SEO isn’t just a one-time implementation of website changes. It’s a strategic initiative with many moving parts,” Lyngbø says.

From the title tags to the multimedia to the keywords, everything works together and is interconnected. Don’t use shortcuts, get an SEO specialist’s help and don’t expect results or rankings overnight.

Truth: You Don’t Need Money Honey

It’s not all about the money. Your business doesn’t need to spend a ton of cash on SEO and marketing ploys to be successful in the search rankings. Google doesn’t value how much money you spend. Google’s Matt Cutts recently discussed this. Cutts reminded webmasters that Google isn’t just thinking about money when it comes to how they present their organic search results.

“It’s kind of interesting how a lot of people just assume Google’s thinking about nothing but the money, as far as our search quality. And truthfully, we’re just thinking about, how do we make our search results better?” Cutts explained in his video on SEO myths.

Thank you to Bravr ( for contritubing and making this article possible.

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How to Plan Cloud Migration Strategy Tue, 12 Dec 2017 12:42:48 +0000 Before we can get into different cloud migration strategies, we need to know exactly what cloud migration is. And in layman’s terms, it means exactly what it says, the act of taking information and migrating it to cloud storage. This could be done for a myriad of reasons. Once a company determines that they are going to migrate to the cloud, they have to formulate a comprehensive strategy that will allow for the information to get transferred, and also to reduce downtime in their systems. If this is something that would take your systems offline, or slow down production, companies preferably want that done during times that aren’t crunch times. Let’s take a look at some information when it comes to planning your cloud migration strategy for your place of business.

Image result for cloud migration

What Cloud Migration Strategy to Employ?

Really this depends on the applications that you are using and what they are used for, how they are licensed if they are a customized app, etc. This is things that can potentially stay on site, meaning instead of going to the cloud, they can remain on location and be altered from there as well. Utilizing a company like CloudEndure can help you make the most beneficial decision as to what to migrate. They will look at every application and determine its portability. Some of the migration strategies that they might suggest is replacing the application completely with one that runs solely on the cloud, get rid of an application that is no longer being used, and maybe recode some application to make them cloud appropriately. It’s about what’s best for the company and the applications that are being transferred. If it won’t work they do have the ability to leave them on site.

How Does Cloud Migration Work?

Once you decide to migrate applications to the cloud, it’s all a matter of how you are going to do it. CloudEndure is one of those companies that can literally do all the work for you. For example, with them the migration is easy. You install their program onto your systems, select the information that you want to transfer, transfer the information, test it, and bam you are done. Really, it’s that easy. Plus, everything runs in the background without any downtime to current performance levels. This means that regardless of what you or other workers are working on, you’ll continue to do so. And they also continue to migrate/save everything to the cloud as well.

Moving all of the information to the cloud can be an ideal plan. The reason behind it is if there is a disaster, everything is off-site, you don’t have to worry about losing information and then reopening and starting everything up is easy, it’s already there, you just have to install new systems in the building. If you are considering it, take the time to look at a company like CloudEndure to help you with the process as they can make it as painless as possible for you.


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Effective redesign of an existing website Sat, 09 Dec 2017 10:54:06 +0000 Creating a web design from a scratch seems to be simpler when compared to updating the existing website design. I am an entrepreneur and I own a manufacturing unit for electronic spare parts. My official website was outdated and I realized this fact when there was a considerable reduction in the network traffic. My business had been a strong competitor in the electronics market but it gradually lost its fame due to the old version of my website. My competitors have outrun my sales rate within short period of time. Boston web design firm assisted me to regain reputation in my business processing by updating my official website.

Cutting- edge technology

Boston web Design firm has implemented the cutting edge technology in my outdated web design. The professionals in this firm are highly skilled to handle any sorts of issues in an optimum manner. Initially I was really disappointed to witness a sudden fall in my business processing but gradually I regained my profits after effective redesign. A website gives a best impression about your business processing in an innovative style. Update it for outstanding results. The expert team analyzed my current official website and gathered negative points which were the reason behind my unexpected pitfall in the growth of my business activities. The issues were discussed in a formal meeting and the professionals explained their next step in the updating process. Latest graphic tools were implemented along with the informative controls. Useful functions related to the electronic industry were developed in the web design. The older version of the website acquired a latest cover for a better appearance to the visitors. Sophisticated and elegant look was achieved in the new version of my official website.

Highly revised

The website redesign team spends a lot of time to revise each and every control designs for its updated version. Apart from the design the team also focused on the content displayed in the website. A customized content has been developed to implement periodic updating strategy without much difficulty. The updated websites drives more traffic and boost up your sales rate. The seo friendly content helps to reach out the target customers within short period of time. A user friendly platform has been developed to encourage even a layman to handle the environment without any special skills. The functions and controls are maintained simpler for optimum utilization.

Enroll now

Boston web design firm is highly recommendable platform to boost up your sales rate within a flicker of an eye. They offer you with different types of online related services based on your requirement. Moreover their reasonable rates stimulate the entrepreneurs to continue with their service without any issues. Enjoy uninterrupted online activities with the help of the expert team from Boston web design. Reach out to the experienced professionals to clarify web design related queries round the clock. They are available to serve you without any regrets. Enroll now and become a successful entrepreneur by establishing your business beyond boundaries.

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5 Tips To Improve Content Marketing For Businesses In Australia Fri, 27 Oct 2017 10:45:52 +0000 In the age of technology and digital advertising, it can be hard to know how to improve the SEO tactics for businesses in Australia. Content marketing is rapidly changing methods that can help businesses succeed, but there are a few factors that can help you thrive.

  1. Create Quality Content

It sounds simple, but creating quality content is vital for SEO services. While some think keyword stuffing is still the name of the game, it actually can hinder your business from appearing in the top search results.

Find quality content writers that can help your business reach to a new level. With quality content that is informative, educational, and valuable, you can build a more consistent audience among your target market.

  1. Identify What Works

Reaching your target audience takes careful attention to what works for your business and what does not. There are several SEO agency tactics that can help expand the reach of your business, while giving you active feedback on how well your content marketing campaign is working.

With careful attention to how you are targeting your intended market, you can keep track of strategies that work with your business goals.


  1. Develop a Smarter Strategy

Developing a smarter strategy is about using SEO services that can help your business thrive. There are several free SEO tools that can improve your keyword tactics, as well as checks for any bad links within your website.

Specified tools give unique insight into how your strategy is performing. There are several tools that can help you manage keyword search more efficiently by tracking performance of searches in real-time.

With a smarter strategy, your business has the opportunity to spend its energy on the tactics that are working, rather than wasting your time on strategies that simply are not working.

  1. Make Content Marketing a Priority

When it comes to improving content marketing, a business needs to make it a priority. Not only is content marketing the best way to reach a target audience, it also is a way to keep people continually interested in your business.

By connecting with your target market in a personal way through content, your business can extend its reach for a competitive edge over other businesses. People are inoculated with information every single day on the Internet, which is why making high-quality content a priority can help your business stand out.

  1. Know Your Audience

Content marketing will not work unless you accurately know the behavior and actions of the audience you are trying to reach. With specified SEO services online, you can keep a close eye on the reaction of your audience.

Without knowing the rapidly changing trends that your audience is interested in, it is impossible to keep up with the modern age of digital marketing. Stay ahead of the game by anticipating the needs of your target audience.

Improving Content Marketing for the Better

Improving content marketing for the better is about actively keeping up with trends and keeping a close eye on the competition. Using active tools that are available, you can continually improve your content marketing strategies for success.

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5 Ways to Improve Online Marketing Fri, 13 Oct 2017 11:09:18 +0000 In the modern day market, many companies in Melbourne are now venturing into digital marketing. This is because lots of people can easily access internet on a daily basis. Brands such as Amazon are some of the companies that have heavily invested in digital marketing like SEO, Adwords & Social Marketing, something that has successful paid off. People search for products and services via the internet. This introduces us to the importance of online marketing strategies in Melbourne, Australia.

As noted earlier, lots of businesses and companies are now venturing into online marketing. It is hence important to master the art of effective content marketing. We’re going to guide you through various tips that you can use to develop your online marketing strategies.

  1. Market Study

This is the number one thing that one needs to focus on. Compare your products against the market you are intending to venture int. it’s recommended to offer products and services that many people within your market niche needs. Do proper research on the number of competitors you’re likely to encounter on your region.

  1. Use Social Networking Platforms

The power of social media in modern-day life cannot be assumed. Using social networking platforms in developing your business is thus a good idea. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the social media platforms one may use in a bid to reach more potential customers in Melbourne, Australia.

  1. Develop Your Website

Another important element is website design. If your website isn’t that appealing, your potential customers will surely transfer to other websites without necessarily looking on the information available in your website. A potential customer won’t bother to clock through your website if the first impression is discouraging. A good website will always attract customers to your page. Your website should also be professionally tailored to reflect on the type of your business. Try and focus on font size, style and color.

  1. Target Audience

When advertising, be sure of your target audience. Google and Facebook are the leading social networking brands. Through Google Ad, one can target specific people who are inclined on the products and services you may be offering. Apart from Google Ad and Facebook, you can as well post advertisements on other sites that are related on your products.

  1. Creating Informative Contents

A good website design without relevant, informative content will attract no one. Informative contents definitely helps in attracting more customers. Such contents are enjoyable to read. Try and give your customers not only the best, but also unique contents. A customer who comes across unique and informative content is likely to recommend you to his friends.

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UX Design, Usability Testing: Are They Necessary? Mon, 25 Sep 2017 10:12:55 +0000 “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

One of the most important parts of designing an effective website is UX design. The primary purpose of a website is to act as a virtual shop front and convince visitors to the site to answer the call to action. It does not matter whether the call to action is to sign up for a newsletter or to purchase goods or services.

 If your website does not appeal to its target audience, they will not stay on your site long enough to respond to the site’s message and intent. Therefore, it makes sense to do everything in your power to ensure that your site’s user experience is top class.

UX design and usability testing

By looking at the definitions of both UX design and usability testing, the importance of website user testing is highlighted. Fundamentally, these definitions provide us with a reference point for why they are essential elements of the website development lifecycle.

UX design

While Don Norman was the Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple, he defined UX Design as the“judicious application of certain user-centred design practices… and use of certain methods and techniques that are applied to… produce cohesive, predictable, and desirable effects in a specific person, or persona (archetype comprised of target audience habits and characteristics).”

In other words, it has been determined that certain design best practices ensure that a website is user-friendly and designed in such a way that it will encourage a visitor to convert into a returning customer.

Furthermore, the primary objective of any website is to drive sales and increase a company’s profitability.  Don Norman’s definition also shows that user-centric design is based on personas or user-types.

The complexity of this definition also shows UX design is best left to qualified, experienced design experts working with a UX agency Sydney.

Usability testing

Usability or user testing is the process whereby real users navigate around the website and answer its primary call-to-action. Test use cases are designed with the aim of testing individual processes as well as the end-to-end functionality of the site. Any challenges or problems that occur are noted, and the website is sent back to the design team for re-evaluation.

It is not a bad thing when a site’s user experience comes back as negative. As the quotation mentioned above by Bill Gates notes, negative usability reviews are an opportunity to ensure that, once the site goes live, it is intuitive and easy for visitors to use.

Final words: The necessity of UX design and usability testing

It is a simple matter to conclude that if UX design and the consequent UX design testing are not included as key cogs in the website’s development’s lifecycle, there is very little chance of the site performing its primary function, that being one of the main drivers of sales to the business.

While it is also easy to take shortcuts during the UX design phase, it is also critical to spend the necessary time ensuring that the website’s intuitiveness and usability are not compromised.

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5 Sure-fire Digital Marketing Tips in Australia Sun, 24 Sep 2017 10:49:25 +0000 Are you an Australian entrepreneur and seeking to expand your business? As the market becomes very competitive, you need to devise ways of attracting more customers for your business. If you want to boost the revenue, then you should adopt good SEO strategies. Most of the Australian businesses are reaping huge profits because they have embraced digital marketing. Here are sure-fire tips that can help you move your business to the next level.

#1. Improve broadband connectivity

Unfortunately, most Australian businesses have low broadband connectivity. In this case, running a business without proper internet connectivity has rendered most digital entrepreneurs helpless. Therefore, you should consider installing a fast and reliable broadband connectivity for your business.

#2. Optimize your website

You should hire a reputable SEO agency to customize your website for greater visibility in the online space. In this case, you will have a website that is not only useful but user-friendly. Moreover, you have to post content about your products and services.

#3. Use social media platform


Social media offer lots of opportunities for Australian businesses. Nowadays, most of the people have subscribed to one or more social media platforms. In fact, most of the digital agencies are using these platforms to attract more customers. All you need is to create attention-grabbing content and post it on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. People will like your products while referring them to your friends. Within a short time, your post will go viral hence more potential clients for your business.

#4. Optimize the display of your products

Instead of using the conventional display for your products, you should consider adopting the 3D technology. In this case, you can visually engage the shoppers and bring your products to life. The customers will thoroughly check the product before making a purchase. This technology has been shown to increase the conversion rates significantly.

#5. Adopt a working strategy

Extensive research on your competitors will help you devise the best strategies to outsmart them. Find out the weakness of your competitors and capitalize on that. On the other hand, you can look at the best performing business and emulate them. Also, you can use the knowledge of reputable SEO agencies to boost the organic rankings for your business.


You are on the path to success if you follow the above tips for digital marketing in Australia. In this case, you will be assured of improved online presence hence exponentially increasing your sales. It is only your customers who will be satisfied, but you will also smile all the way to the bank.

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Relevant details to know about CRM advertising Tue, 12 Sep 2017 08:07:34 +0000 For media and advertising agencies, client communication is essential, so finding a solution that allows you to establish that effective on-going customer contact is probably your main desire. Well, with the help of a CRM system, you can reach your target audience in a more effective and convenient way. CRM advertising tools can push your media agency in the right direction, speeding up your process towards client and profit increase. If the topic has caught your interest, learning a few insights about what CRM systems can do for your business will probably help you out. Here are the most relevant details to know on the subject:


Marketing automation

Handling each of your sales and marketing processes manually can truly affect the productivity of your agency, which will naturally slow down the further development of your business. One of the strongest benefits that CRM programs have to offer is the possibility to automate a great deal of these processes. When one of your leads crosses thresholds, for example, the system can automatically send alerts to your sales staff, and thus encourage them to initiate contact. Tracking viable leads will be much easier through marketing automation.

Increasing customer engagement

Because a CRM software product allows you to increase business awareness, enable automated alerts, and most of all ensure consistent and effective messaging, benefiting from holistic customer insights, it will automatically lead to an increased customer engagement. The data compiled by your CRM system gives you the chance to listen and later understand better the needs and requirements of your clients. This will determine you to put together the type so messages each client is more likely to resonate with, and thus, you will be turning leads into increased engagement. The outcomes will be:

  • Increasing likelihood of conversion
  • Customer loyalty
  • Future spend
  • Becoming a customer advocate

Through increased customer engagement, you will be reaching your ultimate business goals, and all of them due to the usage of a CRM advertising solution, such as that offered by Bpm’ online, Capterra or other options.

Maximizing the benefits of CRM

By the proper usage of a CRM advertising solution, you can maximize each advantage that this type of system has to offer.

  • Reducing time spent on marketing tasks and increasing productivity

Because your sale team will no longer need to enter contact information manually, no more time will be wasted. Just by entering a new lead into a CRM, several other assignments will be triggered automatically.

  • Nurture leads

The majority of leads will not be ready to sign a contract upon first point of contact, so nurturing constant communication will be the right way to maintain a proper sales pipeline. CRM will allow you to communicate strategically with leads, until they become clients

These are the most important aspects your business should know about CRM advertising. If you want to increase your sales, and attract new clients, using a CRM solution might be exactly the thing you needed. By choosing the right software product, you will benefit from a wide range of advantages, and you can ultimately create a unified database that contains comprehensive info about each one of your clients. Search for the best CRM system, such as the one provided by Bpm’ online, and you will notice its benefits as soon as you implement this solution.

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Effective Tips To Heighten Your Search Engine Ranking Mon, 28 Aug 2017 09:34:04 +0000 Did you know that there is still a chance to take your search marketing strategy into a higher level with the help of SEO Company? SEO is a process whereby a website is able to achieve higher position in SERP or Search Engine Result Page and the website is also given the chance to get promotional achievement.

Whether it is for promotional or online marketing reason, business owners always make sure that they will be able to find professional SEO developer. Through internet marketing, businesses and organizations are given the chance to grow through online. Also, SEO Company plays a very important role in marketing every business. Hire the Result Driven SEO for the best seo services in Sydney.

So are you now ready to heighten your search engine ranking? If so, you must continue reading.

DIY or Professional SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best strategies that you can employ in order to uphold website exposure by means of higher visibility in various search engines. This is also used in order to achieve great increase of traffic. This strategy can be in 2 ways, it’s either you do it yourself or you ask the help of an SEO Company. If you are not that much skilled in doing this, it would be better if you will entrust it to the company as they know all the important things to do in order to take your search marketing into another level.

Let the Pro do it for you

SEO for small business in Sydneycan help you in improving the rankings of your website as well as your marketing level. Through their help, your website will become friendly with search engines, interesting, useful, helpful, leverage well-written and even entertaining content, which then leads into effective link building. Every SEO Company is aware of search engine algorithms which allows them to efficiency strategize and increase the search engine ranking of your website. If you are going to do it alone, you will be required to study and understand how it search engines ranks sites and how it works however if you will let the company work on it, you will be able to save your time.

All-in-One SEO Solution

Also, if you are going to hire an SEO Company, the time that you have saved from doing this can be reserved for other important matter regarding your business. The company is already responsible in the content marketing healthcare, process of optimization, marketing and ranking concerns. You will no longer think of these issues since the company can already work with it efficiently. The company is equipped with systems as well as detailed processes in order to their work correctly. They will provide you with periodic reports and updates particularly in the development of your search marketing as well as in the improvement of your rankings in the search engines.

With a reliable SEO Company in Sydney, there is nothing to worry about the process of taking your search marketing level on the higher level. The company can handles issues related to SEO. They can provide you the assurance that in just few days, you will already achieve the improvement of development that you have been waiting for. You will surely like how they work and how their strategies and techniques create big impact in the stand of your business.

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